Tourism in Georgia is starting to skyrocket. This means now is the time to start investing in Georgian real estate. However, finding somebody who can help you buy, sell and manage property in Georgia is not as easy as you might think! Especially not if you are a foreigner. We can help you buy, sell and manage real estate in Georgia. We can also help you register your business, find a good accountant (tax laws in Georgia are different than in Europe and the US) and we can even help you acquire a residence permit. Real estate can be sold and purchased from a distance by the power of attorney. There is no need to travel to Georgia.




Need help buying & selling Property In Georgia?

Why you should consider our services

Georgia is a great place for buying cheap property. However, buying property in Georgia can be a bit of a challenge because you can pretty easily get overcharged by some of the real estate agents here. They are also terrible at helping you sell any property that you purchased here (just watch the video and you'll see what I mean). They don't know how to market and often they have a terrible work ethic (sometimes you have to wait many days just to get a simple reply to a question). Most Georgian people also do not speak English. 


I am a foreigner (I'm from The Netherlands) and I lived in Georgia for almost a year. I decided to move here so that I could build a future with my foreign partner. I tried getting a visa and after two years I still did not manage to find a way to be with my fiancee (she is from the Philippines). Then I discovered that you can get a 5 year residence permit if you invest in real estate in Georgia. If you need help buying a property here for a decent price or if you are looking for an easy way to to get a residence permit for you and your foreign partner then feel free to contact me. I can help you sell & buy real estate in Georgia.


I can also help you manage your property if you choose to rent it out to tourists and local people via Airbnb. I charge 20% commission, but you don't need to deal with customers from Airbnb (I will do all of that for you) and this means you can purchase as many apartments or houses as you like in Georgia. Great way to make a lot of money without having to deal with a lot of customers.



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